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De-Stress by Fixie (Pack of 6)

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A bottle a day, keeps stress at bay.

This complete 6 pack includes all 3 adaptogenic blends to get you through your daily stresses, whether it's powering through work meetings, getting the kids to school or boosting your gut health.

  • 2 x Holy, Basil!
  • 2 x Berry Balanced
  • 2 x Ginseng Guru

(Contact us for any custom orders) 

Calmness is contagious and you've got enough to share with family and friends. 

Every body is different  
Infused with adaptogens (stress relieving botanicals), it’s best to enjoy our buch over a long period of time to get all the amazing benefits. Every body is different and there isn’t a recommended amount, or ideal time of the day to enjoy your buch. The key is to be patient and have it long term. It can be a bottle over a couple days, or a bottle a day. Test it out, give it a couple months, and find what works best for you.

Storage: Keep your kombucha fresh and pop it in the fridge as soon as you receive your order. Enjoy it chilled!

Enjoy Mindfully: Flavours may vary batch to batch as each bottle of kombucha is handcrafted individually. May contain traces of alcohol due to fermentation process. Consult with your physician or wellbeing specialist if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or have other health concerns.