How it Began…

It all started as a quarantine hobby. I was on no pay leave from work due to the pandemic, with a lot of time on my hands, I wanted to spend time to get closer to things that I love – nature and wellness. I developed a daily ritual of growing seeds from the fruits I would eat every day, watching my pot plants grow reminded me to appreciate the simpler things in life. With a love for plants and botanicals, I continued to learn about the plant world and herbalism and how nature can heal us in so many ways.

One day when the city went into panic buy of masks, hand sanitizers and anti-bacterial wipes, I was frustrated at the world. I started learning how to brew kombucha for fun, I wanted to grow my own bacteria when the world was about all things “anti-bacterial”. I discovered all the goodness of kombucha, and when I had tried my first brew, I felt instantly energized. From that day on I knew I was onto something so much more than fermented sweet tea.

Combining my love and passion for herbalism and kombucha, I wanted to go beyond all the benefits kombucha already offers. Curating stress relieving and immune boosting blends to infuse in my kombucha was such a fun and approachable way to keep my family and friends healthy.

That’s how Fixie’s journey started, every batch is made with care, and with each bottle, I hope to bring you a natural quick fix to get you through the day.

Organically Sourced Ingredients & Botanicals

Loving our planet and being mindful when sourcing botanicals is equally as important as taking care of our own health and wellbeing. Fixie is committed to giving you organic sustainably sourced goodness from all over the world.