How Stressed Are Hong Kongers?

How Stressed Are Hong Kongers?

Living in a bustling city like Hong Kong, we are constantly exposed to stressors without realising it. From getting through rush hour traffic, meeting tight deadlines, taking care of our loved ones and making sure we are checking off those to-do lists from the second we open our eyes every day. 

Stress is a normal reaction to every day pressures, and it's healthy to have the right amount of stress in our lives, however, in modern day life, stress has become unhealthy as it upsets our day to day functioning as we put ourselves in overdrive. 

There's not much we can do when it comes to exposing ourselves to daily stressors, but there are many ways manage stress and restore balance to our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. 

Learn more about Stress In Hong Kong in the infographic below 

Let's Talk About Stress in Hong Kong - Infographic